Havana Rum Tour and Cigars

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Wondering how the best cuban rum is made and how rolling a tobacco leaf can produce a worldwide famous cigar? Join this tour for an immersion in tobacco and rum culture! (Rum tasting included)

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Enjoy the expe­ri­ence of dis­cov­er­ing Havana through its cul­ture of Rum and Tobac­co. In this cig­ar tour you will vis­it a major tobac­co fac­to­ry where you will wit­ness the process of man­u­fac­tur­ing the “Habano” cig­ar. The tour con­tin­ues with the vis­it of the Muse­um of the Rum. Rum tour explains how cuban rum brands are being made. Rum tast­ing is includ­ed! After the vis­it of the tobac­co fac­to­ry and the Rum Muse­um you will enjoy lunch in a local Cuban restau­rant before return­ing to your accommodation

Havana Rum Tour and Cigars Main Attractions

Museum of Rum (Havana Club)

Near San Fran­sis­co Square, the Muse­um of Rum is housed in an old 18th cen­tu­ry man­sion where vis­i­tors can see what is rum made of: the dis­till­ing process of the famous Havana Club Rum (fer­men­ta­tion, fil­ter­ing, aging and blend­ing) includ­ing the grow­ing of the sug­ar cane.

Tobacco Factory

Havana is the birth­place of pre­mi­um cig­ars. Havana boasts cig­ar fac­to­ries of all shapes and sizes with the most famous open to vis­i­tors: the Romeo y Juli­eta Fac­to­ry (oper­at­ing as H, Upmann), La Coro­na and Partagás. Cuban cig­ar mak­ers make the entire cig­ar them­selves by hand.



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